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DHARMA BLISS - the following are the sutras that we have printed for Buddhist communities in the region who do not have the financial means to do so.  We would like to thank our supporters for their generosity all these years.


Name of Sutra

Language and Copies Printed

Date Printed

Countries Circulated

Repentance Sutra of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and Repentance Sutra of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva


Mandarin with Hanyu Pinyin


2,000 copies

Jan 2005


Surabaya (Indonesia)

Foundation in Buddhism



1,000 copies

Mar 2005


Cambodia, through Ven Chhun Sovann of Wat Takhmau


Puja & Paritta

Pali with English and Mandarin translation


1,200 copies


Apr 2005

Malaysia and New Zealand, through

Venerable B. Saranankara Thero of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Malaysia


Questions & Answers On Buddhist Doctrine


Burmese with English translation 


5,000 copies

May 2005

Myanmar through Venerable Badanda Ra Zin Da Biwan Tha from Thirimanta Sankyaung

Tripitaka –

Pali Canon



12 sets

Jul 2005

Thailand through Venerable Phrakhru Santi Dhammapitak


Sutra Handbook for Buddhist Monastics



6,000 copies

Jul 2005

Thailand through Venerable Phrachavalit Limpraprutkul from Wat Baromnivas


Repentance Sutra of Emperor Liang



Oct 2005

China, Fukien Province through Venerable Ming Lang


Tripitaka –

Pali Canon



1 set

Oct 2005

Surabaya, Indonesia, through Venerable Budhi  


Teaching & Training - a concise introduction to Venerable Sayadaw’s teachings




1,000 copies

Nov 2005

Myanmar, Singapore

Buddhist Chanting for Sri Lankan temples




10,000 copies



5,000 copies


Dec 2005






Reprint in Jan 2006

Sri Lanka, through Venerable B. Saranankara Thero of Sri Lanka Buddhist Temple, Malaysia

Sutra Handbook for Students



40,000 copies

Jul 2006

Thailand through Venerable Phrachavalit Limpraprutkul from Wat Baromnivas


Puja Book (Mangala Sutta, Metta Sutta, Dhammacakka
Pavattana Sutta)


English, Pali & Burmese

4,000 copies

Nov 2006

Sayadaw Ven Khemacara

Lotus Sutra      





1,000 copies


Apr 2008

Vietnam through Venerable Xin Yong

Buddhist Sutra Handbook            





4,500 copies

Apr 2008

Vietnam through Venerable Xin Yong

Sutra on the Fundamental Vows of Ksitigarbha     





1,000 copies

Sep 2008

Vietnam through Venerable Xin Yong

Sutra on the Master of Healing              




1,000 copies


Sep 2008

Vietnam through Venerable Xin Yong






1 set


Feb 2010

Bhutan through Kenpo Tashi

Tripitaka for the Taklung Kagyu Lineage






4 sets 

Apr 2010

Qinghai (China) through Khen Rinpoche Drodul

Sutra Handbook For Daily Recitation

By Monastics In Laos





2,680 copies

Jan 2011


Laos through Venerable Phrachavalit Limpraprutkul from Wat Baromnivas



Dana4SanghaThe main objective is to promote the practice of "dana" to the Sangha community, especially in less well-off countries where there is a genuine need for funds to support the Sangha's basic needs. Funds raised from well-wishers and supporters are offered to the monastic community for their daily expenses, food, clothing and medication.



Size of Monastic Community



4th Feb 2007

Buriram, Thailand


Each Sangha member was offered lunch, robe, pen, keychain, toiletries hamper, angpow of 500 bahts (S$20) and transportation to the venue of the event.


18th May 2007

Jiu Hua Shan,
Anhui Province, China


A total of 40,000 Renminbi (S$8,000) was handled to the Abbot of Qiyuan Monastery for distribution to 1,000 Sangha members in Jiu Hua Shan


19th May 2007

Sanchaung Township, Yangon, Myanmar


A total of USD 660.00 (S$999.90) was offered to Venerable Daw Zayawadi for dana to the Sangha members in the nunnery


19th May 2007

Gansu Province, China


A total of 23,500 Renminbi (S$4,695.30) was handed to Venerable Dao Dun from Singapore's Hai Inn Monastery. The sum will be distributed to poor Sangha members in Gansu province during Ven Dao Dun's trip to the place in June 2007.


22nd May 2007

Gansu Province


A total of S$1,000.00 was handed to Kunsang Rinpoche for offering to the Sangha members in Mula Monastery during the Vesak period


28th May 2007

Yangon, Myanmar


A total of USD 655.00 (S$1,000.80) was handed to Venerable Jagrabhivamsa for rice offering to the Sangha members in Kalaywa Tawya Sarthitaik Monastic Education Centre


16th Jun 2007

Sri Lanka


Each novice monk received an exercise book and a pencil for their Dharma education. A project undertaken in conjunction with Venerable Dr Gunaratana from Maha Karuna Buddhist Society.


1st Mar 2009

Tak Province,



Each Sangha member was offered lunch and an “hongbao” of 500 bahts.


15th Mar 2011



Each Sangha member was offered lunch and a hamper of daily necessities


14th Sep 2012

Jiu Hua Shan,

Anhui Province, China


Each Sangha member was offered lunch, hongbao (RMB200) to buy basic necessities and a thermal T-shirt and pants.


15th June 2013

Pu Shou Temple,

Wutai Shan, China


RMB10,000 contributed for the meals of the nuns studying in Pu Shou Temple


April 2014

Buriram Province, Thailand


Construction of six units of kutis for the forest monks in Buriram Province


March 2016

Kratie Province, Cambodia


Each Sangha member was offered lunch, robe, USD10 hongbao and a goodie bag of basic necessities








Maitri@work - Chiengmai Province, 2014

Located in the Samoeng district of Thailand’s Chiengmai Province, Ban Mae Toh School currently provides education for 300 students, aged between 6 and 14 years old, comprising children from poor families, orphans as well as abandoned kids.  Most of the students reside in the dormitories within the school.

Due to wear and tear, the dining area which the students take their daily meals was in a bad state with  large cracks on the cemented floors as well as roofs which threatened to give way any moment. 

Dana Citta Buddhist Society, together with the estate of the late Sis Pearl Goh, sponsored the repair works for the dining area by laying tiles on the floor and reinforcing the roofs, thereby providing the students with a safer and a more conducive environment.






Building Shelters of Love ...

In Myanmar, the period June to February is the raining season where farmers and adult members of the family go out to work in the fields. Their young children are often left on their own to play in the rain, or are looked after by their older siblings, thus depriving the latter of a chance to go to school for their education. Sometimes, the young children got drowned in the water-gorged canals and drains.

Dana Citta Buddhist Society, in collaboration with Taiwan’s Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society that runs a meditation centre in Myanmar, has successfully completed the construction of two childcare centres in the Irrawaddy Delta in Mar 2011. One of them is in Yae Phwu Twin village, and the other is in War Block Thowt village. The original childcare centres were destroyed by Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

Each childcare centre can accommodate up to 50 children from the ages 3 to 5, and has a classroom, teachers’ room, pantry and toilet facilities. With the childcare centre, the parents’ minds will be at ease while they work in the fields, while the older children will not be denied of the opportunity to go to school.

We would like to thank all sponsors for the construction of the two childcare centres as well as the operating cost of the centres for the first year. Instead of playing in the rain, these children will be provided with basic pre-school education encompassing study and play, as well as two meals a day. 5 teachers and one staff are employed in each childcare centre to take care of the students.

  • .





    Maitri@work - Myanmar, 2011
    Maitri@work - Tak Province, Thailand - 2009

    Reaching Out To The Voices of Suffering......

    Traveling on foot for four hours to the nearest school, and another four hours back home after school, are daily activities for the children of Tak Province in northern Thailand.  The former dormitory, where the students could stay and return home over the weekends, had weathered the elements and was on the verge of collapse then; and this was one of the main reasons why the parents were unwilling to send their children to school at that time.   As such, the vicious cycle of poverty is likely to continue for yet another generation because for these children, education is the only key to a better tomorrow.

    With the support of our well-wishers, DCBS undertook the project to rebuild the dormitory so that the students could continue with their education.  Completed in 2009, the dormitory is 90 square metres large and can accommodate 60 students.  It has two wings, one for female students and one for male students, with its respective toilet facilities and a common water dispenser for drinking water.   Each student is provided with a mattress and a locker for their personal belongings.

    DCBS is thankful to the monastery who has donated the land for the dormitory.  On behalf of these children and their parents, we would like to thank our sponsors for your kindness and generous support.




    Maitri@work - Chiengmai Province, Thailand, 2008

    For their convenience ... 

    Temples in Thailand, especially in the rural areas, function as the community centres for the villagers and residents in the vicinity. From cradle to grave, these villagers visit the temples regularly for the social, religious and educational activities organised by the temples.

     Venerable Phraku Pitak Aranna Vatra from Wat Pafang Moo in Chiangmai, Thailand, requested for our assistance to build ten units of public toilets for the convenience of the villagers. The toilets would be built within the temple compound at 4 Tambon Sa Gna Ban Amphur Doi Saket, Chiangmai, Thailand 50220.

    Once again, Dana Citta Buddhist Society helped to raise funds for this project. With the blessings of the Triple Gem, our well-wishers sponsored the construction of ten toilets. Work commenced in Feb 2007 and by May 2007, the toilets were ready for use by the villagers. 

    Maitri@work - Buriram Province, Thailand - 2007

    Library of Peace

    It was in August 2005 when we first discussed with Venerable Phrakhru Santi Dhammapitak (Ajahn Phon), abbot of Wat Namlai Monastery, on the feasibility of building a library within the monastery grounds. Wat Namlai Monastery already operates a school within its premise for 500 students up to the academic level of Secondary 3. Having a library by the school will be useful for these students. Besides, the library will certainly benefit the 1,000 families from the surrounding 6 villages.

    The funds required to build the library was raised from all our supporters and well-wishers within a period of one year. Venerable Ajahn Phon named the library "Hong Samut Santidhamma - Wat Namlai" which means "Library of Peace - Wat Namlai" in the Thai language. Besides providing access to a wide collection of books and literature, the 2-storey building will also be used to conduct classes on meditation and Dhamma teachings.

    The Hong Samut Santidhamma Community Library was officially opened on Sunday 4 Feb 2007. The event was graced by the presence of the Chief Monk of the Buriram Province, the Governor of the Buriram Province, members of the Mahasangha and other distinguished guests.

    To commemorate this happy occasion, the villagers turned up in full force at the monastery compound which had been transformed into a big carnival with Thai cultural and musical performances, traditional Thai boxing, games stalls and food fair.

    Once again, we would like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for their generous contributions that have made this library project a success.

    Maitri@work - The Gift of Clear Vision (2007, 2009, 2011)

    I can see now ... 

    Once every two years, our optometrist friends would join us to the less-developed countries in South East Asia to conduct refraction exercises for the poor elderly and offer them free prescription glasses.  These humanitarian trips were organsised in conjunction with the opening ceremonies of the educational infrastructures (e.g.  libraries, dormitories and schools) which we have helped to build in the rural villages.

    Joy was written on the faces of the elderly when they could see much more clearly with the prescription glasses which they could not afford all along.  We salute our optometrist friends for sacrificing time away from families and businesses in Singapore to be with us in offering the gift of clear vision.

    Number of Elderly Venue


    Buriram Province,Thailand


    Tak Province,Thailand


    Yangon, Myanmar


    Kratie Province, Cambodia


    Maitri@work - Fujian Province, China (Since 2007)

    Sharing New Year Joy With Elderly 

    The Buddha taught "dana" (meaning "giving") as the first perfection for Buddhists to practice so as to cultivate generosity, compassion and wisdom. Through giving, one gradually becomes less possessive of one's belongings and is more willing to share with and care for other fellow mankind.

    It is in the light of this great teaching that Venerable Ming Lang, Chief Abbot of Zhang Gong Temple in Fujian Province, has organized this annual event since 2006 to distribute hong baos to the elderly in China during the Lunar New Year.

    Besides creating the opportunity for us to show our loving kindness in sharing with the less fortunate, the event also serves as a reminder for us, especially among the youth, to be aware of the importance of filial piety and to be mindful of the feelings of the elderly.For the lonely and elderly recipients of the hong baos, it warms their hearts to know that there are still others in this world who still show care, love and concern for them, especially during the festive season.

    We sincerely appreciate the generosity of our supporters who have contributed towards the project over the years.  From this fund, Venerable Ming Lang distributes hong baos to the following:

    • Residents in Zhao An Tan Elderly Home and Si Du Zheng Elderly Home.
      Each resident receives a hong bao of 120RMB
    • Elderly citizens above 80 years old in Hou Kang Village and Gong Zi Dian Village.
      Each elderly villager receives a hong bao of 20 RMB

     Amount Raised
      S$10,500 + RMB 2,150

    Bodhi Travel

    Feb 2007 - Tour of Thailand's Buriram Province (in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the community library)




       November 2007 - Pilgrimage to Buddhist holy sites in India and Nepal




       October 2008 - Tour of China's Fujian Province and Chaozhou




       March 2009 - Expedition to Thailand's Tak Province (in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the dormitories)




       April 2010 - Tour of Taiwan's Four Buddhist Mountains



    November 2010 - Tour of Xiamen, Zhao-an, Chaozhou, Wuyishan and Taiwan's Jinmen.  This trip was organised in conjunction with the consecration of Zhang Gong Monastery in Zhao-an.




    March 2011 - Tour of Myanmar (Yangon, Inle, Bagan and Kyaikhtiyo).  This trip was organised in conjunction with the opening ceremony of the two children centres.


    September 2012 - Pilgrimage to Jiu Hua Shan (Anhui Province of China) in conjunction with the Water Land Liberation Dharma Function. 


         June 2013 - Pilgrimage to Wutai Shan and Emei Shan




     November 2014 - Pilgrimage to Yunnan



    September 2015 - Pilgrimage to Jiu Hua Shan (Anhui Province of China) in conjunction with the Water Land Liberation Dharma Function