Dana Citta Buddhist Society


What's Up in DCBS ...


DANA CITTA, where "dana" means "giving" and "citta" means "a state of consciousness" in the Pali language. Collectively, Dana Citta refers to a mind that is always aware and conscious about giving for the benefit of others.



This is the motivation behind the establishment of Dana Citta Buddhist Society (DCBS) which was set up in June 2007 by a group of Singaporeans. Besides promoting the learning, understanding and practice of Buddhism, DCBS also provides the platform for members and well-wishers to make offerings to the Triple Gems and serve other fellow mankind, especially those in less well-off countries.

There are four wings of services under the umbrella of DCBS . They are:

Dharma Bliss
Propagates the teachings of the Buddha with right understanding

Bodhi Life
Promotes a wholesome lifestyle for Buddhists of the 21st century

Manages projects on education, healthcare and social welfare

Advocates offering to communities of Buddhist monks and nuns