Dana Citta Buddhist Society


Know Us Better


The mission of Dana Citta Buddhist Society is to promote the practice of selfless giving or "dana" , for the benefit and well-being of all beings.


We aim to achieve our mission through the following objectives:

  • to learn, study, uphold, and propagate the teachings of Buddhism with right understanding through learning and education.
  • to observe the Buddhist precepts and practise the attributes of universal kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity.
  • to cultivate love and compassion for other less-privileged fellow beings by providing facilities, aids and materials for them to receive formal education, basic health care and social services.
  • to promote the practice of making offerings of basic necessities to the community of Buddhist monks and nuns so that they can spend their time cultivating themselves and serving the community; and
  • to organize self-enrichment programmes for members so as to promote a wholesome all-rounded lifestyle for Buddhists in the modern society.


Management Committee

The office bearers for the current term (Dec 2019/Dec 2021) are as follow:

PresidentBro Victor Lim
SecretaryBro Jason Wee
TreasurerBro Columbus Lee
Asst SecretarySis Tan Bee
Asst TreasurerSis Tan Seok Bee
Committee MembersBro Lorenzo Ang
Bro William Kng
Bro Tan Soon Lee
Sis Monica Lim
Sis Evon Tan