Dana Citta Buddhist Society





日期:   21/09/2019  星期六(农历八月二十三日)


时间:   上午8.30 至下午 4.00  - 顶礼《慈悲三昧水忏》

          下午5.00 至晚上 9.00  -  慈悲瑜伽焰口施食


地点:   大悲佛教中心  

           2 Lavender Street, Singapore 338823


仰仗法会诸佛菩萨加持,现前众等消灾免难,植福增慧 ; 往生亲眷者速离苦海,花开见花。法会功德如此殊胜,请报名从速。

·       今年敬设大牌位36个,功德金1000/,您若发心,请与顺利师兄联系。

·       大众牌位,不论是消灾或超度,每个名字10 元。

·       您也可以随缘赞助供斋项目,功德金多少不拘,无任欢迎。








Dana Citta Buddhist Society will be organising our 2019 Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance Dharma Function as follows:


Date:    Saturday 21 September 2019 (农历八月二十三日)

Time:   8.30am to 4.00pm (Compassionate Samadhi Water Repentance Sutra)

            5.00pm to 9.00pm (Liberation of hungry beings)

Venue:  Tai Pei Buddhist Centre 

            2 Lavender Street Singapore 338823 


Since 2017, we have maintained the collection of a token fee of $10 per name for blessing or memorial service so as to make participation in this meritorious event affordable for everyone.  To continue with this legacy, we would like to invite you to be major sponsors for the following categories:

Major Sponsorship 

Blessing for Family

One tablet with a maximum of 8 names of family members 


Blessing for Companies

One tablet with a maximum of 2 company names


Memorial Service

Each major sponsor will be allocated two memorial tablets.  Each tablet will bear the clan ancestor surname and a maximum of six names of departed relatives within the clan


Company Karmic Creditors: Maximum 2 companies 


As each major sponsor in this category will be provided with individual sets of offerings, we can take a maximum of 36 major sponsors due to space constraint. 



General Sponsorship 


For individual names of family members and loved ones 

$10.00 per name

Memorial Service

Devotees can put up names for memorial service in the following categories:

·    Clan Ancestors

·    Departed loved ones

·    Karmic creditors

·    Wandering beings

·    Aborted babies

·    Departed pets


Each name per category is $10.00.


Food Offerings

The funds will be used to purchase offerings as well as meals for the Sangha members and devotees.

Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.

Once again, we appeal to your continued support and generosity to make this Dharma Function possible and beneficial for all sentient beings.  As we are run wholly by volunteers, we would appreciate it if we can have all registration forms returned to us by 1 Sep 2019 to facilitate our preparation.  If you would like to refer to your registration forms from the previous years, do get in touch with our committee members. Thank-you.


The 19th day of the sixth lunar month is widely celebrated by the Chinese Mahayana Buddhist community as the Enlightenment Day of Guanshiyin Pusa, the Bodhisattva of Great Compassion.


Dana Citta Buddhist Community will be commemorating this special occasion with the recitation of the Sutra on the Names of the 1,000 Buddhas of the current kalpa as follows:


Date         :      Saturday 20 July 2019 (农历六月十八日)

Time        :      9am to 5pm

Venue      :       DCBS


All are welcome to attend this Dharma event.  If you would like to contribute towards the offerings or meals for the Sangha members and devotees, please get in touch with any of our committee members.  Any amount is welcome and deeply appreciated.  Thank-you.






日期:   2019年7月20日,星期六


时间:     上午 9时 至下午 5时 

地点:   喜舍佛学会