Dana Citta 
Buddhist Society


Dana Citta Buddhist Society would like to inform you that we will vacate our current premises from 9 October 2022. Several factors, including rising rental cost, have made it very challenging for us to continue holding our activities at the place which we have called “Home” for the last seven years. As such, we have decided to continue focusing on our core activity which is doing humanitarian & charity projects in the region, until the right conditions arise for us to have our own premises again.

For those who have subscribed to our 2022 Medicine Buddha Light Offering initiative, we have made arrangements for the monthly Dharma Function to continue dedicating merits to the sponsors until Dec 2022 to fulfil our obligations. If you wish to continue the light offerings for 2023, please contact Zhi Xing Xue Hui directly as they will be taking over our current premises.

May we take this opportunity to express our deepest appreciation to all our well-wishers and friends for their trust and support for us over the last 15 years, and we look forward to your continued participation in our forthcoming projects and endeavours.

We will continue to keep everyone posted about our activities via the social media such as our Facebook page and on this website. You may also contact Brother Victor at 98522492 or Brother Soon Lee 83221047 if you have any queries. Thank you and may the blessings of the Triple Gems be with everyone always!

**Dana Citta Buddhist is not affiliated to Zhi Xing Xue Hui**



1.  林国兴居士,手机号98522492
2.  陈顺利居士,手机号83221047


** 喜舍佛学会不隶属于智行学会**