Dana Citta Buddhist Society



Dana Citta Buddhist Society wishes everyone a happy and joyous year in 2018 filled with lots of blessings for good fortune and excellent health.


May we invite you to put up names of your family members and loved ones for blessing throughout the whole year starting from the 1st day of the Lunar New Year.  We have in our premises a total of 1,080 pieces of wall-mounted images of the Medicine Buddha each with an LED display.   The name of each sponsor will be placed in front of the Medicine Buddha image and the light display turned on continuously throughout the year for blessings of happiness, longevity, good health and success.


To help defray the operating cost of our premises, we will be collecting $50.00 per name,  and $200.00 per company name, for blessing service throughout the year.  To facilitate our preparation, we would appreciate it if you can provide the names to us by 6 Jan 2018 so that you and your family can welcome the Lunar New Year with a bright and auspicious beginning.


Once again, thank-you very much for your support to Dana Citta Buddhist Society all these years and we look forward to your continued support.  Happy New Year!